While most of us will tend to update the decor or layout of our home’s interior from time to time as a matter of course, getting a garden makeover tends to happen much less frequently, with the result that homeowners may not be getting as much value out of their home’s outdoor space as they could.

The Constant Gardener has provided many homes with a creative garden makeover in Brentwood, Ongar, Chelmsford and further afield in Essex, and have seen the benefits that a professional garden designer can provide to homeowners and their families, far beyond simply making a garden look more attractive. Here we present some of the key benefits we have noticed over the years.

1. A More Useful Space

Gardens often need to provide access to basic amenities needed for the household to function well, from hanging out washing, giving access to sheds or garage, or simply storing recycling and refuse bins. At the same time, keen gardeners may require a vegetable patch, a compost heap, a water butt, a greenhouse or other elements. Too often, however, these necessities are not properly designed and dominate the appearance of the garden space, making it unsightly and unappealing for leisure activities.

With some thoughtful garden planning and appropriate use of hard landscaping, it is possible to include all the functional elements needed, while also providing space for playing, eating, entertaining and relaxing, making your outdoor space a true amenity, not just a patch of ground. Designing the space to meet your needs in this way will have an obvious impact on how much use and value you get out of your garden.

2. Health Benefits

If your garden has been designed to enable a variety of activities and is a more attractive place to be, then this will encourage all ages to spend more time there. Spending time outdoors has a number of health benefits for young and old alike, as well as pets. For instance, exposure to natural light for just 10 or 20 minutes per day is reported to promote natural Vitamin D production, which can prevent a number of specific health issues and has been shown to boost the metabolism and immune system.

Making your garden easy and pleasant to access all year round may only require a few simple design changes, such as providing a path which allows someone to take a walk outside, or creating a place to sit. If this is combined with beautiful planting and/or a usable play area, the occupants of your home are more likely to find themselves drawn outside far more often.

3. Enhance Your Home’s Appeal

Professional landscape gardening can add significantly to the overall appeal of your home, not just to yourself but also to visitors and even potential buyers. Not all of us can live in chocolate box thatched cottages or period properties, but even the newest and blandest of architecture can be made more distinctive and given a stronger sense of character with the help of a creative garden designer – with far less upheaval and cost compared to moving home. (We talk more about how a garden can add value to a home here.)

4. Adapt to Your Needs

Your garden may have suited your family’s needs 10 or 20 years ago, but does it now? Interior rooms frequently have their use changed over the years – the spare bedroom that becomes a home office or the formal dining room that becomes a playroom – with decor and furniture altered to match. To get the most out of it, your garden also needs to be updated periodically in the same way.

The arrival of children, changes in work patterns, health or ageing can all mean you need different things from your garden at different times. A young couple may be more interested in having a trendy entertainment space – only to find they need a dedicated play area and more emphasis on safety when the kids come along. Similarly, a low maintenance garden design is likely to appeal to a busy working couple, but they may want to expand their gardening interests later in life. A professional garden designer can listen to your current needs and redesign your outdoor space to suit your current lifestyle more closely.

5. Make Your Mark

Many home buyers are keen to redecorate their new home soon after they move in, as a way of “making their mark” and a garden makeover is an excellent way to put a personal stamp on a property, even if it is in move-in condition. If you already have a strong vision for your new garden, getting input from a professional garden designer can help ensure that your ideas are turned into reality or help you to consider possibilities you had not thought of. Or, if you simply feel that your garden space could be so much better, but you’re not sure where to begin, calling in an experienced designer can set you on the path to a garden that reflects your personality.

6. Pure Pleasure

Above all, a well designed garden can add to the sum of pleasure in your life rather than being just a chore or, worse still, an eyesore or an irritation every time you think about it. A makeover designed around your real needs and preferences can turn a bland or neglected space/ patch of ground into a pleasurable place to look at and spend time, for many years to come.

To discuss your ideas or requirements for a garden makeover in Brentwood, Chelmsford, or other Essex locations, please call us or request a call back.