Can garden landscaping really add value to your property? While many experts claim that it can, others warn against spending too much on landscaping, arguing that you may not recoup everything you have spent or that designs which are too individual can actually put off buyers.

For many homeowners, opting for a complete garden makeover represents significant financial outlay, and they understandably would like to feel that the cost is at least partially justified by the value it adds to the property. So, what is the truth?

As an experienced company carrying out garden landscaping in Shenfield, Brentwood, Chelmsford and throughout Essex, The Constant Gardener is well placed to help you answer this question. Here we take a closer look at the different kinds of “value” that can be obtained from garden design, and what situations are most likely to make it a good investment.

Personal Value

Personal value is the amount of pleasure that it gives the owners to have the garden designed in a new way. Adding personal value would mean that the work enhances your life or that of your family members – perhaps providing somewhere for the kids to play, pets to exercise, adults to relax after work and so on.

Unless you have immediate plans to sell, this should always be primary reason for considering garden landscaping. The chances are good that if you have created a space which looks better and is more usable for your real needs, then it will appeal to others too. However, if the design of your garden is overly personal or quirky then you could be reducing its appeal to buyers (they will be mentally be working out how much it will cost them to have the garden redesigned).

Appeal and Saleability

Perhaps the best answer to whether a landscaped garden can add value to a home is to ask the question: Why do developers go to the trouble and expense of landscaping the gardens of new build properties?

The answer is the same reason that they go to the trouble of having showhome interiors professionally designed and decorated: both add to the perceived value of a property, helping them to achieve a faster sale for a premium price. Developers know that they are selling a lifestyle, not just square footage of land – and a landscaped garden can be a powerful way to suggest a desirable lifestyle.

Even if a garden does not add direct value, improving the visual appeal of a property (inside or out) will always help to attract more viewings and therefore increase the probability of an offer. Generating interest in a property can, in turn, translate into a higher selling price, or into a faster sale – but this will depend on the local property market and whether there is high or low demand for property generally.

Landscaping can also help to change the feel of the property – perhaps to make an older property feel more modern, or make a new property feel more traditional. And for any age of property, professional garden design can help to add character and distinction to a property which may be otherwise very similar to others in the same area. Landscaping can also help viewers to more easily see how they would use the garden space for a variety of functions, which in turn can translate into value in their mind – or make them prefer this property to another similar one going for the same price.

Monetary Value

Whether a new garden design can allow you to put a higher asking price on a property will vary widely depending on the current condition of the garden area, and on the local property market.

If you are considering changing a garden from one style to another then there may well not be any monetary return to be made. However there are some situations in which adding monetary value is virtually certain:

  • If the garden is just bare earth (in a new build or following major renovation);
  • If the garden is overgrown or neglected to the degree that it may prompt buyers to put in a lower offer;
  • If there is no discernible garden space at all – such as a city courtyard or roof terrace.

In these situations, landscaping is effectively creating a garden from nothing or reinstating one that used to be there, and so there is a clear value to the buyer of having this work done, which can translate into money in a buyer’s mind.

How to Maximise Appeal and Value

If your aim is to add value to your home then bear the following in mind when briefing your garden designer:

  • Let them know that you want a design that will have wide appeal to other people – they can then let you know if some design ideas are too quirky.
  • Let them know what the target market is likely to be for your property – e.g. young families, retired couples – and to bear that in mind in the design.
  • Focus on functionality – e.g. access, storage, activity zones – even if a buyer doesn’t like every aspect of the design they will be able to appreciate the utility of the space.
  • Set a budget for the work which is in proportion to the value of the property and the degree of change that is needed to sell the house.

Professional garden designers should be happy to work with you on achieving a design that is within a budget and designed to appeal to a specific segment of the market.

Our Verdict

So, does landscaping your garden and grounds add value to a property? Yes, sometimes. Landscaping your garden and outdoor space can certainly add real pounds and pence value to a property in some circumstances – but each property needs to be considered individually to identify how much value can realistically be added, and therefore how much is worth investing in garden redesign.

Garden Landscaping by The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener has extensive experience of designing gardens with saleability firmly in mind, including garden landscaping for new builds; and we will always work within your budget to achieve the best garden possible. If you would like us to help you increase the saleability of your Essex property, please call us for a consultation.