With summer comes higher temperatures and very often a good dose of rain, which means that lawns and planting of all kinds, wanted or unwanted, are burgeoning now – so there is plenty of garden maintenance to be done to keep it all under control!

Landscaping and garden maintenance company The Constant Gardener, Chelmsford, are on hand to advise on the jobs that will give you most reward later on in the summer.

  1. Keep On Top Of the Grass
  • If it has been raining, try to wait until the grass is as dry as possible to make cutting easier – the cuttings will also weigh less, making the job of disposal just a bit easier.
  • If you have the option, set your mower to a longer height, to minimise the work as well as being gentler on the grass.
  • If the grass was quite long it may well look a bit yellow after it is cut – but it will get steadily greener over the next week or so as it is exposed to the sunlight.
  • If you are looking for a neat appearance, trim the edges with a strimmer or with shears. If the grass has grown over onto flowerbeds or pathways since the autumn, now is the time to trim back before it encroaches even further over the summer.
  • Take a careful look at the lawn and see whether you have many weeds. Now is a good time to pull up weeds before they get too big, and gives the surrounding grass a chance to take over the gap that is left. You can even drop in a few grass seeds into the holes left behind.
  • Similarly, look for any bare patches and think about sowing some seed in those areas.
  • Follow up with a second, shorter cut within two weeks of the first, and then aim to mow every two weeks until the autumn, to keep the lawn in tip top condition.

If your lawn has been badly neglected or damaged – or if it is simply just too much work for you – consider calling in professional help.

  1. A Weed in Time…

Now is a great time to take up any small weeds that are just beginning to come up in borders or on gravelled and paved areas. A few minutes now will save you hours of time in the months to come.

In borders, consider adding a layer of bark, decorative stones or other mulch to help suppress further weeds.

  1. A Clean Slate

Paving stones on patios, paths or driveways often acquire a layer of moss or algae over the autumn, which can be unsightly and can even become a slip hazard when wet. Cleaning up patio stones can give a garden an instant facelift, often brightening the space (if light colour slabs have been darkened by dirt and lichen) and generally making the space feel more inviting.

There are a number of ways of cleaning them up, including specialist cleaning fluids and good old fashioned scrubbing. Perhaps the easiest and most eco-friendly method is to use a pressure washer, as they don’t require any chemicals, just plain water.

If you have a large area to clean and you don’t want to invest in a pressure washer yourself, this is a great task to hand over to a professional.

  1. A Time to Sow

Not really a garden maintenance task, this is nevertheless a great job to do in warmer weather. One of the things that most people look forward to is having a really colourful garden at this time of year. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to achieve a lot of colour for very little outlay.

For almost everywhere in the UK, and certainly here in Essex, you can plant safely without fear of frost affecting delicate seedlings.

Growing from seed is one of the most economical – and most satisfying – ways of achieving a big impact in your garden for not much money. It’s a great activity to do with children as there is very little for them to get wrong, and they will enjoy seeing the results of their handiwork as the weeks go by.

If you want results a little quicker, buy seedling bedding plants available cheaply from many garden centres, which can be planted directly into beds or containers.

The Constant Gardener can provide garden maintenance for homeowners and businesses in and around the Chelmsford area including Brentwood, Shenfield, Great Notley, Great Baddow and   Springfield. We carry out a full range of maintenance tasks including lawn mowing, trimming and treatments of all kinds, patio cleaning, weeding, as well as pruning, pest control and much more besides.

We can also talk to you about any ideas you may have for redesigning your outside space to suit your needs better, or simply creating a garden with more impact.

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