Constant Gardener, Essex, is a high quality garden designer and landscape provider, offering stunning landscape designs for a range of gardens, from small front gardens to hotel, restaurant and corporate grounds, and large, country estates.

Our handpicked team combines extensive knowledge with a wealth of experience. We provide face-to-face client meetings (to establish your exact requirements, taking into account your lifestyle, personality and style preferences), produce designs for approval, and have a enthusiastic team who combine creativity and superior materials to transform your garden to beautiful and functional grounds.

The cost of the design, planning and implementation of the gardens you see on our website (from start to finish including soil preparation, landscaping, and planting) range in price from £15,000 to £80,000, with the average garden landscaping costs for our householders and corporate clients around the £25,000 mark.

See below to view some of the high end projects completed by Constant Gardener in the Essex and London area, and find out some of the factors that affect the final price.

‘Living Wall’ Garden in Spitalfields, London


This striking ‘living wall’ garden in Spitalfields, London, creates a stylish oasis in a small space. It was designed for a client who wanted to use their garden for entertaining and relaxing and included a contemporary ‘living wall’, seating, lighting and raised flower beds. It is an excellent example of what can be achieved in a small, urban space.

Minimalist ‘Hot Tub’ Garden in Beaulieu Park, Essex


Minimalism was the order of the day with this striking, high specification, low maintenance hot tub garden in Beaulieu Park, Essex. The idea was to create a functional space ideal for family use, and for entertaining friends. The existing garden was completely stripped back and re-designed from scratch and the main features included an all-weather hot tub house, virtually maintenance-free chlorine resistant artificial grass, raised beds, topiary hedging, garden lighting and a water feature.

Large Garden in Howe Green, Essex


This superb family garden in Howe Green was designed for beauty and functionality, so it could be enjoyed all year round. It is a multi-level, low maintenance garden where features include raised beds, a sweeping lawn, decking and steps to a summer room which is the focal point of the garden.

What Affects Garden Landscaping Costs?

A number of factors influence garden design fees and these include the following:

Size – Generally the smaller the garden, the lower the cost of the landscaping, although this is not exclusively the case as there are variety of other factors which have a bearing on cost. This includes the number of different elements and intricacy involved in the design.

Elements – This depends on the type of garden you choose for your home or business, and overall effect of the design. Popular elements include patio areas, steps, decking, fencing, walls, integrated seating, raised beds, and children’s play zones. The addition of hot tub houses, built-in irrigation, screening (to ensure that your garden is not overlooked), swimming pool areas, terraces, planting, and the creation of flower beds and turf, among others, also affect the cost.

Materials – A variety of materials may be used in garden design, which ultimately has an influence on the overall cost. Materials vary wildly and can range from decorative concrete patio paving to wooden decking, sleepers, timber fencing, bridges, walkways and pagodas, mulch, coloured stones or gravel, concrete steps and integrated al fresco dining areas made from a variety of materials including marble or stone.

Plants – The type of plants chosen to complete the overall design, as well as the removal of trees, shrubs, established weeds, and existing plants, all affect garden design prices. While some gardens are stripped back and re-designed from scratch, others clients like to factor in existing features, such as steps, patio areas and raised beds.

Lighting – Many of our clients choose feature lighting to add atmosphere, colour, drama, and to ensure that the garden can be enjoyed well into the evening. Other favourites include water features, such as fountains, ponds, pools and sculptures that may be lit up at night.

Soil Preparation/Improvement – Landscape design costs also take into account soil preparation and improvement, as and where needed, particularly where the existing soil is poor, or new planting areas are required.

Creativity – Much of our landscaping involves problem solving, including clever use of space, making a garden fully functional, and incorporating existing elements such as buildings, walls and structures. This all has an effect on garden landscaping costs, and here at Constant Gardener our experts will discuss the various options with you, before we begin, so we can create the perfect grounds for your requirements, at just the right price.

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