Many plants are at their best in spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean they only need attention during those seasons. Garden maintenance is essential all year round to make sure that plant health is maintained at a high level.

Larger gardens and estates often have a wide variety of plants, trees and shrubs which may need different types of care. For instance, plants from Australia and New Zealand are becoming increasingly fashionable in Essex and across the UK, but need special care to make sure they can thrive in the British climate. Kangaroo paw is one popular type of Antipodean plant which often does best here if grown in conservatories, to avoid the risks posed by cold temperatures.

Of course, more popular and well-known varieties of plants, such as roses, begonias and fuchsias also need regular care to get the best results. Many shrubs and trees also require expert pruning to make sure they retain the desired shape. Here, the Constant Gardener looks at some of the main garden care tasks involved in making sure your plants stay healthy, strong and beautiful.

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Fertilisation and Healthy Soil
Maintaining soil health is essential to making sure plants grow properly. Digging in organic matter, such as compost, can help to ensure that soil has the right balance of nutrients. So can applying fertilisers, mulches and soil conditioners. The specific choice of product will depend on the soil and conditions in your particular garden.

It’s important to ensure that fertilisation is carried out at the right time of year, with different types of product sometimes being used at different seasons. An expert gardening company can advise you on the right treatments for your type of soil and when to apply them in order to achieve the best results.

Planting and Plant Care
If you are looking for ideas for unusual plants to add to your beds or borders, you may need advice on which species are likely to flourish. This means not only looking at factors such as the soil type in your part of Essex, but also considering the layout of your garden, which areas are in sun and shade, and which plants will work well together.

It’s also important to know what needs doing to care for the young plants after they have been planted to give them the best possible start. Garden maintenance through the year includes ensuring the right level of watering, as well as taking measures to protect vulnerable plants from summer heat, winter cold and any pests which may target them.

Beds and Border Maintenance
Once your beds or borders have been planted out, various tasks need to be carried out on a regular basis to make sure they keep on looking good through the year. This includes turning the soil and pruning shrubs, as well as hoeing, weeding and mulching. Some mulches will not only nourish the soil but also help it to retain water better, helping to prevent plants from drying out. Adding new bedding plants at the right seasons will also help to maintain an attractive display.

Pest and Disease Control
Keeping constant vigilance against both pests and diseases is important to maintaining the health of your garden. Aphids and a number of other bugs and insects can infest many different types of plant. There is also a wide range of diseases posing a constant threat, some specific to particular species and others, such as downy mildews or fungal leaf spots, which have the potential to affect a range of plants.

An increasing number of garden owners are putting the focus on ecological solutions and sustainability, and looking for landscape gardeners who have a similar ethos. This means using organic solutions rather than chemicals wherever possible. For instance, using organic mulches can help to deter slugs and snails from targeting your plants.

Getting Expert Advice
Tending all your plants, beds and borders is only one area of the garden services offered by the Constant Gardener. We also offer a full garden consultancy service, as well as regular garden maintenance. We have years of expertise and experience gained from designing, landscaping and maintaining a wide range of gardens and grounds across Essex.

This means we can advise you on how best to care for your precious plants and provide a regular maintenance service tailored to you. The Constant Gardener provides gardening services for customers in Chelmsford, Witham, Beaulieu Park, Braintree, High Beach, Great Leighs, Howe Green, Roxwell, Epping, Margaretting, Theydon Bois, South Woodham, Ferrers and other areas of the county.

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