Things to do in the Garden during May

Start to harvest Asparagus Spears. They taste great lightly steamed with melted butter, lemon and freshly cracked black pepper.

Look out for Viburnum beetle larvae – they can seriously damage the foliage of both evergreen and deciduous Viburnum.

Continue to stake, support and tie in perennials with tall flower stems such as Delphinium and Paeonia.

Refrain from planting tomatoes outdoors too early

Sow pumpkins, courgettes, squashes and outdoor cucumbers now that evenings are warming up.

If your daffodils performed badly this year, lift and divide the bulbs. Then replant the larger bulbs in ground improved with organic matter.

Continue to dead head spring flowering bulbs. Allow the foliage to die down before cutting it down or lifting.

Watch out for aphids as they seem to be out in force already this year. biological controls are available.

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