What To Do in Your Garden In May

Take a look at some quick hints and tips for this month to get the most our of your garden.

  • Look out for Viburnum beetle larvae. they can seriously damage the foliage of both evergreen and deciduous Viburnum
  • Prune spring flowering clematis such as the evergreen Clematis armandii C.Montana and C.alpina after flowering if you need to control their size
  • Continue to stake, support and tie in perennials with tall flower stems such as Delphinium, or plants with large, heavy blooms like Paeonia
  • It is time to sow pumpkins, courgettes, squashes and outdoor cucumbers under cover now or outdoors towards the end of the month
  • If Daffodil flowering was poor this year, lift and divide the bulbs. Replant the larger bulbs in the ground which has been improved with organic matter
  • Start hardening off tender plants for planting out towards the end of the month
  • Watch out for aphids and glasshouse red spider mite
  • Due to the lack of heavy frosts over winter we are seeing more pests and diseases already this Spring; biological controls are available
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