Tulips, Acers, Nesting Birds and Cats

photo 2
I cannot decide which one is my favourite Acer!!

It has been a busy Spring for The Constant Gardener team. So much going on with design and build projects that I have hardly sat still since February.

With many years working in clients gardens now, it is wonderful to see the results of this hard work with so many plants looking great this spring after years of working the soil, improving it, adding new planting schemes and nurturing the plants. I am so grateful for having started using Strulch www.strulch.co.uk two years ago. The results are great. With such good weed suppression, it certainly makes my job that more enjoyable and gives me more chance to do the enjoyable gardening chores.

With so much happening in my clients gardens, i have had very little time to tend to my own small patch. I have a stunning collection of Acers and they look fantastic this Spring. I have so many plants in my garden that i have dug in new beds to accommodate them. There is very little grass left now, but the garden looks wonderful. I am going to try to grow some veggies for my juicer in pots this year as there are no space in the beds.

For the first time ever, I have had nesting Robins living in the ivy along the boundary and they have been a delight to see every day feeding and chirping away. They started fledging on Sunday morning and that is where the trouble began. I caught the cat totally mesmerised by the little fledglings, but not before she had got one and broke its wing.  Fortunately I was able to get the little one to the wildlife hospital in Orsett where he is making a good recovery. Unfortunately I found a dead fledgling in one of my beds today whilst out looking for places to plant my Dahlias. I am very saddened by this and I do hope that the Robins can find a new home away from my cats for their next brood.


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